Auburn Style Baby Back Ribs


Prep Time: 30 Minutes  |  Cook Time: 5 Hours


1 pkg Baby Back Ribs (2-3 racks)
1 Yellow Mustard
1 Dry Rub (Dizzy Pig’s Butt Rub)
1 2 liter Dr. Pepper or Coke
3-4 Wood Chunks (peach or apple)


1. Soak wood chunks in water for 1 hr.
2. Heat grill to 225-250?F.
3. Rinse ribs and pat dry.
4. Coat ribs with yellow mustard.
5. Sprinkle dry rub on both sides of ribs.
6. Place wood chunks on charcoal.
7. Insert a 3″ drip pan on top of the heat deflector plate with the plate in the bottom position.
8. Insert heat deflector with the drip pan in the grill. Fill drip pan with soda.
9. Place ribs on grill “bone side” down.
10. For firm ribs, smoke for 2-3 hours. For “fall off the bone” ribs, smoke for 4-5 hours.
11. Fill drip pan with water as needed.
12. Baste ribs with sauce 30 minutes before removing from grill, or serve separately.